Basic Types of Lighting Fixtures 

Light can make a room alive. Obviously, without it, you won’t be able to see the beauty of a room, the details of the furniture, the style of the drapery, etc. Lighting can tell a lot about a room. In fact, lighting can tell what style you are going for in a room or space.  

 Lighting Fixtures

Before deciding further, we have to understand first the uses of each type of lighting. There are three known types: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Ambient lighting, also called general lighting, gives uniform light to the whole room if not most of it. Accent lighting highlights a certain area. Task lighting furnishes light for a specific task: reading, cooking, or computing. 

As you can already tell, in the general sense, candles will be out of the topic here. Although they can provide light, it won’t be enough for the uses mentioned above. But candles can still be used as ornaments in a room. Scented ones can also make any room a pleasure to be in. 

Here we will cite some of the many lighting fixtures and where they are usually found: 

  1. Recessed lighting 

The light bulb used in recessed lighting is deep within the ceiling. The wires and the body will not be visible. The light produced can be ambient or accent, depending on the number and type of fixture used. Recessed lighting can be used on the hallways, kitchen, or living area. 

  1. Ceiling-mounted 

This light fixture is mounted, well, on the ceiling. It displays a fabric, glass, or plastic protection to hide the light bulb and spread light more evenly. These fixtures can be used in a balcony or any other smaller spaces. 

  1. Wall-mounted 

Wall-mounted light is also called Sconce. You have the option of situating the light upward or downward. This means the light can be for ambient or task lighting. They can be found in hallways or on either side of the bed. 

  1.  Lamps 

Often found on desks and tables, lamps have a downward light which makes them ideal for working, reading, or writing. Other than giving light, lamps can also be a great design ornament. 

  1. Pendants 

Pendants hang from a cord, cable, or any attachments on the ceiling. It provides a downward light to a smaller area. The light is enclosed in a specific material so it can focus on a certain area. Pendants can be found over a dining table or kitchen island. 

  1. Track lighting 

These lights can usually be found in a theater setting or production area. The design is usually a linear track lined with several lights. The advantage of having this is that the light heads can be resituated in any direction. This fixture can be found in the living area or in the kitchen.  

Choosing the perfect lighting for your space can make it look like it came from a home design magazine. But before you have new fixtures installed, make sure that electrical wirings in your house are working in good condition and the outlets have the correct voltage. You don’t want any bulbs exploding. Contact your electrician Arlington TX if you are in Texas or search for any in your area.  

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