Benefits of Tire Recycling 

If you have several worn out or used tires at home, don’t send them over to the landfill. They may still have several uses, which is why you have to take them to a tire recycling plant. Most of these tires were used as fuel but it has other applications as well.

To know where to take your old tires, look for a tire recycling business Perth that can help you out. They may even collect the tires at your place so you don’t have to worry about driving to and from the recycling plant. At such plants, old tires were processed for use as:

1. Construction materials

Did you know that you can now build a home using old tires filled with earth and then rammed together and then covered with concrete? Used tires are also used as subgrade fills and embankments in several civil engineering applications. Engineers opt to use them as wall backfills or bridge abutments. In some cases, these tires are also utilized as barriers to reduce collision, wave action for piers and marshes, rainwater runoff, blasting mats, and rainwater runoff.

2. Shoe products

The rubber extracted from old tires can be used in making sandals and shoe soles. The rubber will be stamped, cut, and molded to make it useful for similar apparel. Most of the rubber used for shoes are recycled.

3. Ground rubber

Ground rubber or size-reduced rubber has lots of applications these days. Their most common use is for paving projects. They can also be molded into other products that require rubber. The rubber from old tires can be used as carpet padding, livestock mats, rubber flooring, movable speed bump, and railroad crossing blocks, among others.

4. Carbon source

Steel mills usually use coal as a fuel source. However, old tires have proven to be such a good alternative. Coal, as we know it, is a natural resource that will be depleted over time. Rubber is more sustainable and greener. It also allows factories to reduce their carbon footprints.

Why Recycle Tires

A tire can range from small to very huge, as in the case of trucks and trailers. Before tire recycling became an industry, tires are disposed of in the landfills. It came to a point that they took up 25% of the total area of the landfill. But that’s just the start of the problem. Tires have heavy metal content which poses as a health risk to the people and environment as they decompose over time. The toxins could contaminate the soil, which in turn, may reach the groundwater.

There are other health concerns as well, such as pest infestation. Small animals and mosquitoes tend to use old tires as their habitat. When these pests grow in number, then they could cause major risk to the people and the environment as well. By recycling old tires, everybody wins. The volume of landfills is reduced and less toxic chemicals are emitted into the air. Tire recycling also prevents the spread of diseases caused by pests.

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